Haysite’s family of mold and platen insulation products are specially engineered fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester composites which offer superior energy efficiency, temperature control, and durability for high temperature mold and platen thermal applications. When compared to other available insulating materials, Haysites’ Thermalate® provide proven, cost effective products for the plastic or rubber molder.

Thermalate® composites offer a number of specific advantages over other insulation materials:

  • Asbestos Free
  • Cost Effective: Increased efficiency allows for short payback.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity/Energy
  • Efficient: Saves and allows more precise temperature control
  • High Heat Resistance: Designed to operate at temperatures up to 550°
  • High Compressive Strength: Will not take a compressive “set”, causing mold alignment problems, when subject to extremely high molding pressures.
  • Tough and Durable: Does not crack or break easily during mold setup or tear down. More durable than mica or asbestos materials.
  • Resists Oils and Fluids: Other more absorbent insulators, such as concrete asbestos, can deteriorate or alter their thermal conductivity.
  • No Maintenance.