Glastherm HT200 is a thermal insulating sheet with superior strength and heat resistance for applications with continuous use temperatures up to 550º F. The installation or upgrading of mold base or press platen insulation is one of the highest-returning investments a molding operation can make today. Properly insulated molds require less energy to operate. Adequate insulation also facilitates temperature regulation within the tool.

Glastherm® thermal insulating sheet is an excellent choice for mold insulation applications. Glastherm® sheet offers significant advantages when compared with other materials such as mica, asbestos concrete or calcium silicate. Glastherm® sheet is an efficient thermal barrier and is strong to resist the effects of molding pressure and rough handling. It is resistant to oil and water absorption and is completely asbestos-free.

Glastherm HT200

Physical Properties:

Size: 36″ X 72″ and 48″ X 96″ sheets in thicknesses from 1/4″ to 1″

Thickness Tolerance: +/- .002 inParagraph

Density: 123 pcf

Operating Temp: 550º F

Compressive Strength perASTM D-695:49,000 psi @ 75º F18,000 psi @ 392º F17,500 psi @ 425º F

Electrical Strength Perpendicular:@ 0.5 in 50 Vpm

Thermal Conductivity: btu/hr/ft²/in/ºF 1.90

Thermal Elasticity: rubber band equiv/mm 6.789